what cake?

Every cake and cupcake is a delicious edible treat using the finest quality tasty ingrediends and free range eggs. Nuts, no nuts, if you want gluten free or eggless, chocolate, lemon, carrot, Italian meringue butter icing…..all Bespoke cakes by Etam are made fresh to order, because let’s face it – why would anyone want anything else! Don’t like marzipan? no problem, its your bespoke cake so you choose!

What type of cake?
The type of cake you order is entirely up to you. The cakes themselves are available in five flavours as standard, and are detailed below. If your ordering a tiered cake then you have the option of selecting a different type of cake for each tier, or you can have them all the same.


Luscious Lemon:
This is the most popular cake. A light and fresh tasting lemon sponge generously spiked with lemon syrup made from freshly squeezed lemons and lemon zest. The lemony flavour of this cake balances nicely with the sweetness of fondant icing.
Chocolatey chocolate cake:
All too often you bite into a chocolate cake only to find it taste dry, disappointing and not chocolatey enough. That’s clearly not good enough and this is why Bespoke cakes by Etam looked long and hard for the perfect chocolate cake recipe. The chocolate cake is moist, rich and definitely chocolatey!
Madeira cake:
This is one of the main stays of the cake world. With a great texture for sculpting it’s a great option for shaped cakes as it retains its form well. With vanilla undertones it also taste pretty good too and goes well with a strawberry or vanilla buttercream as well as fruity jam fillings.
Moist Carrot cake:
If your not a big fan of heavy fruit cake then this carrot cake, loaded with fruit and nuts is a perfect alternative for weddings and Christmas. Firm enough to be able to with stand pressure of being the bottom layer of a tiered cake, its moist enough to stay fresh and tasty for longer, which is great if you don’t plan on eating the cake straight away ( although eaten straight from the oven it’s pretty damm delicious too). This is particularly scrumptious with added crystallised ginger ( optional )
Rich dark fruit cake with Brandy ( My favourite!!)
I know everyone has a different pallet but If I could I would make all my wedding cakes in this traditional fruit cake, I’m sorry but I love my fruit cake! Its full of fruit which has been soaked in brandy before cooking and then continually topped up every week whilst maturing. Its full of nuts and covered in yummy marzipan. Heaven!
Special requests:

  • Nut free?
  • Organic?
  • Vegan?
  • Coeliac?

If there is a particular type of cake or ingredient that you want (or do not want), Bespoke cakes by Etam will try to meet your needs wherever possible.

Please Note: My cakes are made in an enviroment where nuts, dairy, wheat, soya, gluten and eggs are handled.